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H Beam Secondary Production Line Provide Service for Washington Convention Center Project

Shandong kasry intelligent equipment co.,ltd develop H beam secondary production line provide service for Washington Convention Center Project .H beam intelligent production line after being put into production at the Washington Convention Center project, it achieved the expected production efficiency, producing an average of 50 to 60 pieces of H-beam per day, with a maximum daily output of 80 pieces.

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H-beam intelligent production line

H-beam intelligent production line consists of marking, 3D  drilling, automatic cutting three workstations and a workpiece transport system between the three workstations. Among them, the scribing workstation can automatically complete the H-beam scribing and marking (component serial number, attachment serial number, etc.) work.Drilling station completes the drilling of the hole group on the web and the flange plate by the three drilling power heads on the left and right sides and the upper part. The drilling power head adopts high-speed drilling, which is more than three times of  general CNC drilling machine, which greatly improves the efficiency of drilling. The cutting workstation also uses the laser range finder on the robot arm to position the cross cursor on the workpiece. The robot arm is equipped with a plasma torch and a flame torch, which are respectively responsible for cutting the workpiece with a thickness of 40 mm or less. High-end 3D space C-type robot can achieve a variety of profiles of graphics and bevel cutting.

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The production line adopts the nesting programming system developed by KASRY as the main programming tool.  TEKLA and AUTOCAD are the basic programming platforms. The technicians use the TEKLA 3D model to edit the work of marking, drilling and cutting three workstations. The program CNC code is transmitted to the control cabinet of the three workstations through copy or network, and the working robot and the working robot of the workstation are instructed to complete the working procedure. Operation is simple, the function is rich, and the numerical control code is produced by one button, which perfectly solves the component from Designed to seamlessly connect to the CNC.

H beam steel intelligent production line realizes automatic numerical scribing, automatic drilling and automatic cutting, especially the automatic vertical feeding of numerical control by the robot, which replaces the manual operation, greatly improves the production efficiency, avoids the error probability and strengthens the dimensional precision. In particular, the accuracy of the hole group spacing control, the current first inspection and sampling pass rate of the production line have reached 100%.

H-beam intelligent production line was put into production on September 6th after one month commissioning ,it reached the expected production capacity in early October, fully meeting the needs of the Washington project, and has the potential to be tapped. KASRY technical staff, project subcontractors are constantly improving the actual working time ratio of the robot arm, the drilling efficiency, the cutting procedure of the groove and the weld through hole to improve the efficiency of the production line and Processing quality, through the intelligent production line to make the Washington Convention Center project manufacturing to the high end.

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