Fume System

  • Fume Extraction system For Plasma Flame Cutting Machine
Fume Extraction system For Plasma Flame Cutting Machine

Fume Extraction system For Plasma Flame Cutting Machine

  • Air volume:15000m3/h
  • power rate :15kw
  • Number of filter cartridges:16
  • Filtration area :160m2
  • Product description: Fume extraction system for plasma flame cutting .widely used for gantry cnc plasma oxy fuel cutting machine , cnc pipe tube cutting machine , h beam cutting machine ect .Protect environment and staff
Feature of fume extraction system :
1.In metal cutting process , a large amount of harmful smokes can be created and absorbed through the respiration system to person's liver , lungs , cardiovascular and blood .If not been treated timely ,it will endanger the health of the employees ,but also cause serious damage to the environment ,workshop equipment .

2.Kasry can offer prefect solutions according to the circumstance on the spot to optimize the environment and meet the environmental protection standards.
Solution one :Side suction dust removal system , suitable foor gantry type plasma , plasma . laser cutting machine
Side suction dust removal system is at the side of the cutting table set one suction port which can move together with cutting machine .On the other side of the corresonding set a small axial flow fan blowing mouth .Or at the both side of cutting table set two suction ports .In the cutting of the narrower between a number of grille to form a duct.When cutting ,Suction through the dust system to inhale, cutting a large number of splashing Mars and large particles of dust directly into the lower part of the cutting table dust collection box, fine particles of dust with strong air into the suction port.

Suction with the gantry moving follow the cutting torch make the smoke generated in the rubber seal suction duct, and ultimately into the dust removal equipment

fume system for <a href= target='_blank'>Gantry cnc plasma flame cutting machine</a>

Solution two :Top suction dust removal system ,suitable for intersection Pipe cutting machine , laser pipe cutting machine .
1 Intersecting line cutting generally refers to pipe cutting, mainly pipe cutting and machining hole. The length of the pipe is longer, the pipe wall is thicker, and the smoke and dust produced during processing are relatively large. Therefore, a dust removing device with a direct ventilation is added to the chuck end of the cutter.

2 When the amount of cutting is relatively large, it will produce a lot of smoke and dust. At this time, it is better to add a suction hood above the cutting part to ensure the dust removal effect.

fume system for pipe cutting machine

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