3D H Beam Drilling Machine

H Beam 3D CNC Drilling Machine

  • H beam szie :1000x500mm
  • Drilling diameter :8-40mm
  • max thickness :80mm
  • Product description: kasry manufacturer of cutting and welding filed .Mainly products h beam cutting machine , gantry cnc plasma flame cutting machine , pipe tube cutting beveling machine , widely used for steel structure

Features of h beam drilling machine

1) Seven CNC axes

2) Simultaneously drilling on three sides of H-shaped steel

3)Directly transfer from CAD/CAM

4) Ideal drilling machine for steel construction fabricator

Advantages of h beam drilling machine

1)The machine adopted carriage for feeding, and the carriage is driven by servo motor and rack-and-point, and with encoder for feedback,enabling precision position of workpiece.

2) Three slipways are all controlled by servo motor ,guided by precision liner roller guide and driven by AC servo motor and ball screw to ensure the positioning accuracy.

3)The spindles are precision spindles with high rotary accuracy and high rigidity, and driven by servo motor, with broad scope of application, rotation speed can be stepless changed in a wide range to meet the needs of a variety of speeds.

4)The machine is equipped with flange width detection and web height detection device , which can effectively compensate for the deformation of the workpiece to ensure the processing accuracy.

5 ) Aweb is supported by many hydraulic support blocks in order to prevented deformation while drilling.

6 ) Both side-drilling heads are different. One is fixed and the other can do the horizontal movement, so that different web heights can be satisfied.

7) The high-grade atomizing cooling system can prolong the drills life.

8) Each of the spindles adopts the technology of self-controlled travel, it can moves along the two coordinates and realize drilling feeding, which ensure three spindles drilling simultaneously on the three sides of an H-shaped steel.

H Beam Drilling Machine details parameter :

H beam size :500x1000 mm

Length :12m

Max Work piece weight :5000kg

Max thickness of web & flange :80mm

Drilling diameter :12-33.5mm

Function :drilling

H beam drilling machine process sample :

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