Round Pipe CNC Cutting Machine

  • 5 Axis Round Pipe Plasma Cutting Beveling Machine KR-XY5
5 Axis Round Pipe Plasma Cutting Beveling Machine KR-XY5

5 Axis Round Pipe Plasma Cutting Beveling Machine KR-XY5

  • Diameter :50-630mm
  • Length :6m/9m/12m
  • Function :cut and bevel
  • indystry :Oil and gas pipeline ,steel fabrication
  • Product description: Our cnc pipe cutting beveling machine can cut and bevel the round pipe in one time .It is widely used for Oil piping cutting , Gas piping cutting ,pressure vessel piping cutting ,Shipbuilding piping c

Product features:

Brief introduction

Pipe CNC cutting machine is designed for round pipe. It can cut carbon steel, stainless and other materials which are widely used in pressure vessel pipes, pipe processing, network structure, steel structure, marine engineering, oil pipelines and other industries

Details 5 axis introduction :

Moving axis

Choosing axis

Range of activities

X axis

Pipe rotation axis

360° freedom of rotation

Y Axis

The pipe moving along the pipe horizontal axis

Maximum stroke (customer cut pipe length )

A axis

The torch axial swing along the pipe


B axis

The torch radial swing along

the pipe


Z axis

The rise and fall of the torch

The axis doesnt participate in the joint

Max stroke is the half largest diameter +20mm

Features of pipe cnc cutting machine :

1,adopt welding platform, heavy rail and improve the overall bearing weight, humanized design for human-computer exchange makes operation more convenient and reasonable, stable and longer working life .

2,independent research development to optimize CNC pipe systems, auto CAD version of the engineering design can generate standard G code directly, three-dimensional simulation of the operation, node expansion, fittings optimization, good EGES DXF SAT and STL software compatibility and lifetime free upgrade process can be modified according to user needs

3,taiwan’s Advantech industrial computer can be programmed directly on the machine. Using menu-select, you only need toinput cutting parameters such as diameter, wall thickness, bevel angle deviation compensation data. By KASRY professional pipe cutting applications, a seamless connection is available.

Details parameter :


5 axis pipe CNC cutting machine

Round pipe

Diameter 50-630mm ,can be customized

Effective cutting length 6/9/12m

Cutting method


Plasma power

Hypertherm 105A plasma power , cut 1-20mm thickness

Flame cutting thickness


Plasma cutting speed


A axis Bevel angle

+-45 degree

B axis Bevel angle

+-45 degree

Plasma bevel thickness


Flame bevel thickness


Control system

Kasry control system


Taiwan Advantech Industrial Computer

Driving motor

Japanese Panasonic Servo motor with reducer


KASRY Pipe Nest software



Weight and size


(Length *width*height) 14000*2000*2100mm




40ft container

Application of pipe cnc cutting machine :

Material :Carbon steel , stainless steel ,aluminum

Type :round pipe

Industry:Especially for steel structure construction, oil&gas pipeline engineering,boils&

vessals,shipbuilding,marine engineering, offshore construction,building walls, bridges, towers and mechanical engineering industries,etc.

Pipe CNC Cutting Machine at factory :

cnc pipe cutting machine

Samples show :

cnc pipe cutting machine

pipe cutting machinecnc pipe cutting machine

Pipe CNC Cutting Machine working video :

Pipe CNC Cutting machine cut Kasry logo video :


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