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Portable welding smoke purifier

  • welding smoke purifier
  • Voltage :220v
  • Power :1.1kw
  • Weight :60KG
  • Product description: Portable welding smoke purifier help protect environment and staff health .

Portable welding smoke purifier nessary machine for welding .Protect environment and staff health .

Portable welding smoke purifier

Portable welding smoke purifier Scope of application:

This product is widely used in various welding (arc welding, carbon dioxide protection welding, MAG welding, carbon arc gas shielded welding, gas fluxing, special welding, etc.), polishing, cutting, grinding and other places to produce welding fumes and dust purification and Rare metals, valuable materials, etc.

working principle:

The soot generated during the production operation is sucked into the mobile welding fume purifier through the suction hood due to the gravitational force of the fan. First, the first fire-retardant net at the air inlet of the purifier can separate the large particles and the Martian particles produced by the grinding. Interception, the pre-filtered soot filter protection board, further blocking the particles and residual Mars, the filtered soot enters the main filter core, the main filter core is made of imported anti-static laminating polyester fiber material, the filtration efficiency is 99.9%, purification After the gas is further purified by activated carbon filter cotton, it is discharged through the air outlet.

Portable welding smoke purifier advantages:

1. The purifier shell is spray-treated, beautiful and generous. The bottom is equipped with four rubber wheels, which can be moved freely in the work site.

2, cash fan design, large air volume, low power consumption.

3. The suction hood can be extended with the suction arm to any desired position. It can be equipped with a flexible suction arm or two flexible suction pipes. The suction arm can be moved at 360°, and the smoke can be sucked out from the place where the smoke is generated, which greatly increases the collection rate of the smoke and ensures the health of the staff.

4. The filter cartridge adopts electrostatic laminating polyester fiber material, which has higher adsorption performance and better safety. The filtration effect is >99.95, and the service life is long. It can absorb 0.3μm dust particles.

5. Back-blowing membrane device: After manual removal of the filter cartridge, the cleaning is connected to the air compressor for semi-automatic cleaning.

6. The clean air is evenly guided and dispersed from the direction of the grille air outlet, and the noise can be minimized by the built-in special soundproof cotton.


Portable Welding smoke purifier





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Portavle welding smoke purifier at workshop :

Portable welding smoke purifier

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